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Odelia Textile produces and exports various models of towels, bathrobes, and bedding sets. We have a broad range of products with high quality yarns and natural fibers such as 100% Cotton, Micro cotton, Combed, Modal, and Bamboo.

Our production capacity can reach up to 200 tons/month depending on customer demands. Customer satisfaction and high quality are the main principles of Odelia Textile.

Our priority is to satisfy our clients’ needs and expectations through consistent and timely delivery of our quality products. Every request is responded to immediately and our orders are followed through properly until completion.

Odelia keeps its knowledge and data up to date with current global markets. We maintain collective eagerness and open-mindedness to new technology and improvements.

Our vision is to become a leader in terms of quality, flexible structure, and vigorous entrepreneurial spirit that incorporates a responsibility to environment, society, and our client base. Our mission is to serve customers beyond expectations with the best quality and service.

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